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Nisim - F.A.S.T. Conditioner - 60ml
Nisim - F.A.S.T. Conditioner - 60ml
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F.A.S.T. Conditioner with No Sulfates, Parabens, DEA
F.A.S.T. Conditioner works best when it is used in conjunction with the F.A.S.T Shampoo. Leaves your hair feeling smooth and manageable. Clinically proven to grow your hair up to 99% faster! The more you use the two together the better they work. The new formula of F.A.S.T conditioner with no sulfates, parabens and DEA is just as effective as the original version and guaranteed!
*FAST is NOT a hair loss product. If you are looking for a HAIR LOSS product click here for NewHair Biofactors shampoo and extracts for hair loss.
FAST works by feeding the hair with essential nutrients, amino acids and proteins not found in regular shampoos. This special blend provides essential nutrition to hair, making hair grow as fast and as healthy as possible.
Note: FAST will only affect the hair on your head; it will not affect facial or body hair.