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H&R - JRL Fresh Fade Clipper - Model 1000
H&R - JRL Fresh Fade Clipper - Model 1000
US & CA Orders Over $50
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Our Price: $390.00

• JRL invented the forced-air cooling system for clippers. Clipper blades heat up with use, but only JRL stays-cool technology keeps them cool to the touch so you won’t get burned.
• Surprises are for parties hnot haircuts. With the FreshFade’s LCD display, you always know your current power setting and remaing battery life.
• Getting your hair snagged or pulled does not have to be part of your haircut experience. JRL’s Smart-Clip technology senses blade resistance and revs up the motor. So instead of snagging you get a smooth even cut, everytime.
• JRL’s rotary motor last longer than tradition DC motors, giving you a dependable tool for years to come.
• We use titanium blades because they are the longest lasting. Titanium blades stay sharp and rush-free the longest, so that every cut will be as smooth and precise as you first cut.
• The FreshFade blade settings and combs give you a wide range of cut legths from 0 to 5mm, including a zero gap setting, so that you can create any style you want.
• It’s the 21st century, why doesn’t your clipper know that Lithium Ion batteries last 3 times longer than traditional batteries. JRL’s unique Quick-Start charger technology gives you 80 minuets of use with only 1 hour of charging.
• JRL’s FreshFade comes with two combs ( 1x 3-6mm and 1x 6-12mm), a charing dock that will keep your clipper standing up when charging.