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Mikasa Cream Contour Set ($41 Value)
Mikasa Cream Contour Set ($41 Value)
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Invent your look with the Mikasa Beauty Cream Contour Set. Featuring 2 high-end professional synthetic brushes and a quality makeup sponge, this is the perfect set for contouring with cream products.

Use the Lemon Drop to apply a base of foundation. Then use the Duo Fiber Brush to apply contour shades to large areas, such as forehead, cheeks, and along the jawline. The Concealer Brush allows you to apply contour shades to areas that require more detailed work, such as around the nose and eyes. Finally, blend it all together with the Lemon Drop or Duo Fiber Brush to complete your beautiful, glowing masterpiece!

Brush Descriptions:

  • E220 Concealer Brush: A soft flexible brush that allows for blending and application of cream based products. It has synthetic bristles that offer precision application for underneath the eye and hard to reach areas.

  • F200 Duo Fibre Brush: This multipurpose brush is made of a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. This brush can be used for flawless application and blending of powder, cream, or liquid products.

  • S100 Lemon Drop: Made with non-latex foam, this reusable sponge can be used wet or dry for blending in liquid and cream products. The tapered tip allows for application of product to hard-to-reach areas, while the large, rounded end allows for effortless blending allover the face.

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