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About Us

Mikasa Beauty is a new makeup brush company that is located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. As a new brand, we are focused in delivering essential brushes with the finest quality. In order for us to compete with established brand names, we limit our marketing and product line extensions. We are fully committed in mastering our craft for essential makeup brushes, and to retain very affordable pricing.

By working with beauty industry experts, and professional makeup artists, our makeup brushes undergo demanding quality tests. Our brush hair, handles, and ferrules are all using top of the line materials to ensure professional quality. It is our mission to provide the right tools, for a flawless experience.

Meet The Management

Tommy Kuan - CEO
Tommy is from a business oriented family, and specifically in the beauty industry. He has a B.A in Psychology, and has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Tommy has a passion in entrepreneurship, and believes quality is the key to success. He is a frequent marathon runner, and uses the same mentality in dedicating focus, and hard work to grow his company. Tommy plays a heavy role in steering the business focus of Mikasa Beauty, and ensuring their makeup brushes are comparable to brand name makeup brushes.

Maureen Layno - Product & Educator

Maureen, has built an impressive reputation, in the beauty industry for her versatility in her make up artistry. She’s passionate about making beauty effortless. With 16 years of experience spanning from editorial, fashion, film and tv. She’s currently working as a Make up instructor. She recently worked with an elite client for the red carpet event, such as daytime and primetime Emmy’s, and most recently for 2015 academy awards in Los Angeles.

David Mak - Creative Director
David is from the United Kingdom, and has a B.A in Graphics Design. Growing up, David always had a passion for art, and spent much time in developing his artistic skills. He moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, and met Tommy through recreational sports. David learned about Tommy’s passion in creating a beauty related company, and immediately knew his sense of art would cope well. David believes that we are never close enough to perfection, and plays a key role in refining the quality of Mikasa Beauty brushes.

Vincent Hung - Marketing Director
Vincent is from Vancouver, BC and has been in the Entertainment Industry as a Professional Artist for 13+ years. Working under the tutelage of large corporations for the majority of his career, Vincent understands how to gracefully grow a company in a healthy community. His attention to detail and vision for growth as a Professional Artist, makes him a strong leader for the Marketing Team at Mikasa Beauty.